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I loved this kleuterschool. My...

I loved this kleuterschool. My favorite memory is my last day at school just before we emigrated to Canada. The "whole school?" sat in the auditorium, all of us children sitting on the floor,and my parents standing at the back of the room. The headmaster called me to the front and i had to step over lots of legs to get there, I didn't really understand why I was being called. Then he explained that I was leaving and everyone was to pray for me and my family. he held my hand as everyone prayed. I was a little confused but I realized that something very important was happening to me. Next month, April 2006, our family will have been in Canada 50 years. I will attach a picture of the class, I am 2nd from the left with the big white bow in my hair.

2006, Netty Vries